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Figuring Out Who Your Ideal Client Is

We hear it all the time in the creative community, but have you really ever stopped to actually think about it? WHO is your ideal client? What kind of people are you booking and what kind of people do you want to be booking? Do your client’s interests match yours? These questions are important, and so crucial if you want to start booking you ideal client so today I am going to talk about figuring out who your ideal client is!

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Your ideal client should be someone you dream of working with! I like to think of this person as my best friend. You love your best friend for a reason, so what if all your clients were like him/her!? Wouldn’t that be awesome!? Well, it can happen just by asking yourself the right questions!

1. What does your ideal client do for fun?
2. Where does your ideal client shop?
3. How much money does your ideal client make?
4. What does a typical weekend look like for them?
5. What kinds of things do they invest in?
6. How adventurous are they?
7. What shows do they like to watch?
8. What are some of their favorite restaurants?
9. Are they outgoing?
10. What does their dream vacation look like?

Now, take some time to really sit down and hammer away at these questions! You might be surprised what you find out about yourself and the type of clients you want to be booking! Being this specific is super helpful, and will give you a better perspective when it comes to marketing yourself towards this ideal client you’ve created!

Next week I will be talking about how to market towards this ideal client, but I want you to take time to answer those questions first so when next week rolls around, you are all ready to start marketing!


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