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“It seems to me that one of the great hazards is quick love, which is actually charm. We get used to smiling, hugging, bantering, and practicing good eye contact. And it’s easier than true, slow, awkward, painful connection with someone who sees all the worst parts of you. Your act is east. Being with you, deeply with, is difficult. It is better to be loved than admired. It is better to be truly known and seen and taken care of by a small tribe than adored by strangers who think they know you in a meaningful way. We know that’s true. But many of us, functionally, have gotten that math wrong in one season or another.” -Shauna Niequist (Present over Perfect)

It is better to be loved than admired. Present over Perfectpinthis

Wow. After reading that paragraph I stopped in my breath. It was like a cloud of truth had just rained on me and I was woken up from this ugly reality. We become so satisfied by the instant gratification of likes or comments that we so often forget about those who truly know our souls and love us for all that we are instead of just our pretty Instagram feed. It is so much easier to pour into strangers for 3 seconds, than work on our relationships with our families or spouses. The reality is, we need to wake up and realize where we need to be. Instead of on our phones reading all our social media comments, what if we had an unplugged, face to face, conversation with someone we love.

This book has been such an eye opener, and I know it would be for you too. Not only is it jam packed with amazing insight, but also each ‘chapter’ is 3-5 pages long, making it a super easy and quick read. I think taking the time to read this book has really helped me put my life into perspective, and see clearer than everwhere my time should be spent. Instead of focusing so much on that instant gratification, I need to focus more into serving my clients and my loved ones. Balancing personal life and business isn’t easy, but this is a great start.

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Happy Monday, friends! It’s time for week 15 of the 52 Lists Project! Today’s prompt is to list my dream trips!! I could probably write for hours and still want to add to the list so for now I will spare you the bore of that and only list a few! I LOVE to travel and adventure through new places so making this list was really a fun way for me to start my week!

52 Lists Project Week 15 My Dream Tripspinthis

My Dream Trips

  1. Greece
  2. Australia
  3. New Zealand
  4. Maldives
  5. Italy
  6. Banff, Canada

I would love to travel to any of these places and explore, but also if any of my TEP couples want me to photograph them in any of these places, or really anywhere else in the world, I’d be ok with that! 😉 I would encourage you to sit and make a similar list! Writing things down on paper really is the first step, so go ahead and put them out there into the universe and start saving! 😉

Comment below with your dream trips!!


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