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Today I am excited to share a short video, and quick recap of my time spent in Arizona! I spent a few days in March with some of my best friends, exploring all that Sedona + Scottsdale have to offer! My creative work-cations with these girls are the best, and we are excited that our next one will be in Montreal, Canada!

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Favorite Moments From The Trip

  1. Obviously seeing my girls again!! 🙂 Every time we reunite it feels like barely any time has based, because we just get right back to where we left off!
  2. ALL the Sugar Bowl ice cream + milkshakes. We went there more than once and aren’t sorry about it.
  3. Late nights talking and laughing in our adorable little Air Bnb.
  4. Postmates..’nough said.
  5. Starbucks all day every day. We can’t help ourselves.
  6. Taking pictures of all the different kinds of Cactus (cacti? Still unsure about that one..)
  7. The Desert Botanical Gardens. Ya’ll, this place was a dream! It was so so beautiful, and we went at golden hour so it was even better! You will see a lot of footage of it in the video below, but I 10/10 recommend it!
  8. Visiting the mothership a.k.a. Showit! It literally looks like the inside of a space ship!
  9. Going to a spring training baseball game! I couldn’t tell you what the score was, but we had good drinks, snacks, and company! 😉
  10. Exploring Sedona! This may have been the best day! From the food and little shops to shooting for my new blog and laughing until we cried, it was just the best time! Oh, and we picked up matching shirts like we do on every trip..I’m actually wearing mine right now! haha.
  11. Sitting poolside. I just missed the feeling of the sun shining down while sitting on the edge of the pool with my feet in the water. That plus good conversation mixed with hilarious British old men sining made for a great afternoon.
  12. Picking an orange from an orange tree. I just had to add this to the list, because the effort I went through to get one down was everything hahaha. Shout out to the lady with a wire hanger attached to the back of a broom for helping a sister out.
  13. Getting on the wrong trolly. We rode this trolly in the wrong direction for about 20 minutes until finally deciding we should probably get off haha. Eventually we found our way to Old Scottsdale, but not without a little adventure first! 😉
  14. Kelly and Andra’s template collection launch!! Kat and I were so fortunate to be by their side on launch day, and those two ladies deserve so much praise for the work they put in to serve other creative business owners!!
  15. Road trip jams. The drive to Sedona was a few hours, which we knew, but it turned into a time to play fun road trip jams and sing our little lungs out!

Those are just a few of my favorite memories made over the 5 days spent together! I hope you enjoyed this blog, and enjoy the video as well! Comment below, what destination should we add to our list!?



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Happy Monday, friends! It’s time for week 14 of the 52 Lists Project!! It’s a rainy spring day here in MN, but it goes perfectly with this weeks prompt! Today I was told to list the ways I can cleanse my life for spring! I loved taking some quiet time this morning to make this list and really be intentional about what I wrote down! I am excited to share a few of the things I listed with you today!


5 Ways To Cleanse Your Life For Spring


  1. Purge your closest! Listen girl, I am a hoarder..or at least I used to be. I somehow grow an emotional attachment to everything, and it hurts my heart to get rid of anything that might remind me of something! However, I read somewhere that the more physical space you have, the more mental space you have. This really hit home for me, because I felt so overwhelmed around the time of my panic attack, and so cleansing my closet was a big step for me to really start creating my best self!
  2. Deep clean your space! Whether you have a home, apartment, bedroom, or loft, take time to deep clean it! Start with taking a laundry basket, walk through each room, and throw anything you know you can get rid of into the basket! Now go through each room a little more than before and take out anything you can get rid of or donate!! Now go through once more and deep clean (I’m talking vacuum, dust, etc!) and do one more round through to make sure you didn’t forget anything that you may not need anymore!
  3. DONATE! Take all the STUFF you don’t need or use and give it away! You could sell it, but that takes quite a bit of time, and remember, we are just trying to simplify things!! I would say donate it, and get it off your hands as fast as you can!
  4. Schedule! Go through your calendar and schedule yourself intentional time to spend with loved ones, take time for yourself, or even just catch up on some things around the house!
  5. Get active! Sign up for some sort of activity! This could be yoga, meditation, a gym membership, etc!


I hope this list helps you think about ways that you can cleanse your life for spring!! As always, comment below and let me know what you are doing to cleanse!!


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